by Jennifer Walsh

Mr Shy was published a long time ago, and it's out of print now, though you can still buy the odd copy on Amazon. I am thinking of re-releasing it as an eBook. but I'd like to know if children in the 8-10 age group have access to eBook readers. I would have to get the whole book digitised, so before doing that I want to know that someone out there is going to read it!

What's it about?

Tim is growing up fast, but his mother doesn't agree. When she is forced to let him walk home from school on his own while his little sister has chicken pox, Tim discovers something strange: a tiny shop that houses a shoe library. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it isn't. Once he has joined the library - Mr Shy, the librarian, isn't too fussy about the formalities - Tim is free to borrow all sorts of shoes. To get an idea of what to expect, think about the children's stories you already know. The old woman who lived in a shoe? Seven league boots? Cinderella? They're all in the shoe library, and many more besides.

A small sample

Click here if you would like to read the first chapter of Mr Shy's Shoes.